Body Anatomy & Church Health Development

Clergy Triage Emergency Care
Doctrine & Church Health
Healing the Body
Church Anatomy
Heralds of Truth for Healing.
Seven Dynamics of Preaching for Healthier Churches
Church Health Sermons
Waking Up the Body
A Sick Body
An example of the Doctrinal Challenge of Church Health
The Family Secret
Church, Inc. Crushes People
A Cyberspace view of Church Health
Seven Important Questions and Answers.
Does this map describe your church territory?
The Head
The Musculoskeletal and Internal Organs Systems
The 9 Facets of Church Harmony
Dealing with Trojan Horse Transfers
The Nervous System
Seven Steps to Strenthening the Church's Nervous System
The Circulatory System
Clergy Health Research and Reports
Happy, Healthy, Shiny, Satisfied Clergy?
Clergy Appreciation
Pastor's Wife & Women in Ministry
Pastor's Husband
Praying for Clergy and Their Families
Godliness and Cleanliness for Healthy Church Bodies
Prescriptions for the Epidemic
Jesus and Clergy Health
Books on Boundaries
Self-Denial and Self-Care
The Wounds of Jesus and Our Wounds
A Parson and Parsonage Family's 5 Priorities
Soul Care And The Caregiver's Soul
Motivation, Meaning and Ministry
The Axis of Christian Ministry
Pastor-Church Relationships from a Biblical & Systems Perspective
Healthy and Unhealthy Models of Pastoral Leadership
Power in Leadership and Martial Arts
Balancing Grace and Truth
Practical Self-Defense for the Congregation
Christian Discipleship and Martial Arts
Timing Chains and Hearts: How Is Yours?
Brother Martin or Pastor Superstar?
Healthy Pastoral Moves
Theology and Mental Health Ministry
The Overlooked and the Forgotten
The Church and the Mentally Ill
Mental Health Ministry
Churches offering Radical Hospitality for Individuals with Mental Illness and Their Families.
Handout for Churches offering Radical Hospitality
The Church's Ministry to Families of the Mentally Ill.
A Church's Ministry with a mental health consumer and family.
Mental Health Resources for Churches, Families, Parents, Spouses, and Siblings.
Depression & Anxiety Disorder Resources for Families, Parents, Spouses, and Siblings.
For Children of All Ages of a Parent with a Mental Illness.
Being A Parent With A Mental Illness
Suggestions for a clergy mental health packet.
Worship Aids for May, July, October, and December.
Blue Christmas
Luther on Depression
Wesley on Depression
Mental Health Needs of Clergy
Disabilities and Clergy
Poor Work Performance of Clergy
Sleep Apnea
Journey Through Tragic Pain
Prayer and Tragedy
Ministry to the returning veterans and their families.
Church Health Education
The Most Important October 31st

The Internet's 1st Site for Integrating Ecclesiology & Body Anatomy in Order to Develop Healthier Churches & Clergy.


John Marshall Crowe,  B.A., M.Div., D.Min.

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One day, Jon Amos visited my site over 100 times in one day. He wrote the following complimentary summary of this web site and sent it to me.

Some fascinating, creative work here by the Rev. Dr. John M. Crowe (UMC) applying the language of anatomy & physiology to ecclesiology & interacting with family systems theory along the way.

Lots of other resources on his site regarding clergy wellness, mental health & congregational harmony - as well as the corresponding lack thereof in each of these areas - among other things. I also appreciated his brief piece on "Practical Self-Defense for the Congregation."

His review also referenced The Church Anatomy page on this site.

 Jon gave me his permission to post this complimentary summary here. I appreciate his comments very much.

The foundation for this site builds upon my dissertation.
Diss. Asbury Theological Seminary, 2001.
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